Welcome to our website! www.TuningAds.com we have established the following terms and conditions to clarify the relationship between "us" (www.tuningads.com) and visitors to our site. By registering or posting on this site, you accept the list of terms and conditions included below. You cannot register or publish an ad on this site if you do not accept the following terms of use and services.

Personal information

Once you have used this site for any questions, to register and to advertise, you may be asked to provide basic information about yourself, this information will be sent in the contact form as a shipment. When that happens, you agree to provide true, accurate and non-misleading personal information. See our Privacy and Policy page for more details on how your information is protected and how it is used on the site. If we suspect that the information you provided to us is false, inaccurate or misleading, we have the power to terminate our relationship and prohibit current and future use of the site. We reserve the right to suspend, at our sole discretion, your access to the site without notice. You agree that we may not be obligated to you or any third party outside the termination of your access to the site.

Communication with you

When you visit our website, www.tuningads.com to make an inquiry, register or publish an ad, you are communicating directly between users and not with us directly. Our site does not have direct communication with any seller to publish special ads for our company, likewise, our site does not have direct communication with potential buyers who visit the site. It should be noted that each registered seller controls their information directly.

Portal risk considerations

Our site will not have any responsibility for bad agreements and / or negotiations, or on the contact that exists between the parties or users of this portal. Each user as a seller confirms having had access to the site through a record of information and each accepts that the information indicated in their records is real and reliable. This website www.tuningads.com completely disclaims possible agreements, negotiations, and subsequent relationships that may arise from contact between seller and buyer to access this portal. www.tuningads.com suggests to all users, both sellers and buyers, to make an exhaustive consultation (if they wish) outside of this site about the companies and / or people with whom they agree subsequent contact outside this site. This portal only acts as a means of advertising between the parties and / or as an advertising space for companies or sellers of modified cars, vans, services and auto parts related to tuning, so that any matter between registered users and visitors that are not always advertised It will be foreign to this portal.

Site policies, modification and divisibility

We maintain the necessary authority to modify or implement improvements in these terms of use and administrations at any time. In the remote possibility that any of these terms and conditions may be considered void, invalid, or for any reason unenforceable, such terms and conditions must be acclaimed as divisible and may not influence the justification or validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions.